Disney: An amazing wedding inspired by the Little Mermaid!

It is the dream of every little girl: a princess wedding. And what better than a Disney-themed ceremony? Discover now the pictures of an amazing wedding, inspired by the Little Mermaid!

Little Mermaid inspired wedding photo

A wedding at the Disney sauce, you dreamed? It is now possible! After the wedding dress of Snow Queen, up to the fully themed on the topic of Ariel, the Little Mermaid ceremony. The ideal opportunity to sing “Under the Ocean” by taking it for a sea creature. A writing , you’re a fan of all the details of this decoration, subtly reminding us that cartoon very romantic. Appetizers Shellfish bridesmaids outfits through the incredible bride, everything has been designed to combine elegance and Disney references! Bridesmaids dresses can be custom-made online. Discover now the images of this special wedding mermaid:

The US version of Cosmopolitan, which has unveiled these images reveals the same time that marriage is a fake! In reality, it is a promotional campaign for a Do It Yourself website, including online sell what they make with their hands. All objects that make up this photo shoot from these online! And if not, have you ever seen the Disney sexy version pinup princesses? What do you think of the images of this marriage?

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I said yes

Because she knows she can count on you on the day of her wedding! You are (or should be) someone who has a sense of responsibility, you have good taste and a little patience too (yes, because for fittings of the wedding dress and for DIY dream about your friend since weeks, will you have to a minimum). And especially because with you, we laugh! Your smile is contagious. The bride will need to step back if it does not want to “experience” the organization of his marriage. Then you smile! (Have a drink, it’s even more de-stressing).

If your girlfriend loves tradition, you’re not married BUT you will be honored on D-Day (Thibaut, single college buddy – and rather cute – will be there too). She promised that you choose your unique bridesmaid dresses toronto, you just impose the bouquet bridesmaid.

bride with bridesmaids in chic bridesmaid dresses

The bride is counting on you! But do not panic, the bridesmaid shock is you! (We read in your horoscope). If you ever do not believe it, here are the tips that will make you a Bridesmaid on top!

Remember that it is precisely because you are neither his mother nor his fiance she chose you, then it does not take offense if you tell him is the truth! Instead, she will thank you not to be like those brides who have certainly not had a chance to have an opinion other than their grandmother …

So for the wedding dress: we go really! “Yes the dress is beautiful, but no it will not go.” But if it’s ugly, it’s ugly!

For the famous table plan, you will certainly be asked for your opinion. Remind the bride that your cousin Nelson can not see aunt Micheline and all will be well.

In the wedding preparations, short dresses for bridesmaids included, you will be a great help. The more ay small hands to the work, the better! But be careful, hands with nimble fingers. For preparing the DIY it’s work but can not leave this task to everyone at risk of ending up with something that does not look like all done what we had dreamed.

More importantly, the mission is going to be given a code name: EVJF (Bachelor Party girl). If you’re stuck for inspiration, go for a ride here.

With the burial of Life Teen you prepare it, the bride will remember this day for the rest of his life Wife Truly Happy and Fabulous

Details make perfection then your role on the wedding day will be to ensure that the bun does not lose its pincers, your aunt Micheline has found the church, the makeup did not sink despite the tears shed at moment of yes … in case of trouble, you keep handy survival kit for the bride!

We have the right to pay a small tear but we also remains “concentrated”, the bride may need you (hold the wedding bouquet, hand troll …)

At weddings, speeches are a kind of ritual. We advise you to prepare your own! This prevents the “umm” and become red peony if the words do not come to you. How the couple met, a souvenir of single, are topics that you can discuss course!

You can blow your involvement stole the bride, it still has its head in the clouds (incidentally, feet in the water and the sand too). You have also received a postcard, she thanks you for everything and … ohhh “I booked you a spa day for Thursday” (well, your day of rest.)

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Georgia May Jagger in a cocktail dress of style 1980s

Georgia May Jagger has left his mark on the international fashion. The young British model was shown to great effect with her ​​dresses that rival the one and the other in beauty. Recently, she made ​​a remarkable in the event organized by the British cosmetics brand Rimmel appearance.

Georgia May Jagger as usual leaves no one indifferent whenever it is present at a fashion show or a photo shoot. On the evening of Rimmel, star of mannequin is presented in a cocktail dress this year 80 short dress with long sleeves was totally composed of pearls and sequins. This can also be a dress for attendding wedding. The plunging neckline and transparent highlighted the strengths of the sultry Georgia.

Georgia May Jagger in a short cocktail dress of style 1980s

This dress must say was very quaint with rhinestones and a pair of black pumps. In this outfit, it was necessary to adapt a very particular style and the young woman was able to play the game and made ​​a splash by plunging everyone into his world of the 80’s supermodel opted for a unique hairstyle that was fine with her dress. Also she chose an afro with a stripe on the side and the hair roots pockets. The young woman was sublime. However, it has not failed to choose something very colored for its foundation and has reserved the best for his eyes. She opted for smokey eyes green outline duck and a red light pink lip. During the evening, Georgia made ​​a big splash with her ​​beautiful dress 80 years and the brand it represented.

Amal Alamuddin: who wants the same wedding dress ?

There are two things we want poking Amal Alamuddin, her husband and her wedding dress. If in the first case, it seems a little complicated for the dress, there is something to consider: the copies. It tells you right away, the business is running!

Most envied woman of the week, the divine Amal Alamuddin said ‘yes’ to George Clooney last weekend. 5 stars for a wedding the hot lawyer in a dress Oscar de la Renta makes many envious. Fully embroidered with subtle lace and other fine pearls, this piece would almost want the most resistant to the wedding to say “yes” to their half. Just to have the same dress.

You therefore understand that in addition to having a canonissime husband (we’ve actually met, the evidence here), Amal Alamuddin made ​​it big. Always incredibly elegant and subtle, she chose a wedding dress that makes even overshadow that of Kate Middleton, it said.

The enviable wedding dress of Amal Alamuddin

And if you dream to offer the same dress that Amal has a slightly more reasonable budget, it would appear to be possible soon. Warning, do not imagine finding the same finesse as the dress had married is currently the shape of the garment and the length of the tail that is copied.

Brides willing to spend on their dress may therefore find quite close to that of Amal at Isabelle Armstrong Version (warning, this version was released before the wedding Mrs. Clooney), the evidence here:

And versions unbelievable price (200 dollars), the dressale site has already made a copy, vague in our opinion, the famous dress. You can find matched bridesmaid dresses by clicking this link: http://www.persunca.com/

Anyway, managed to Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney buzz that could almost revive the wedding industry with theirs. Romantic and chic, it draws in any case the bride and groom out of inspiration and has the merit of having been the dream of girls in flower.