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Bridesmaid dresses trends

In this post, we provide solutions to be adopted at your wedding. With the huge number of American comedies on the theme of marriage and specifically bridesmaid dresses, interest is strong for the theme. And indeed, the appearance of the bridesmaids is a very important factor in planning a wedding. We will not say that it is now more important than the bride’s dress, but it is not an exaggeration if we say that the significance is similar. Damselflies are usually three or more, the purely quantitative aspect becomes quite important – we naturally want these few girls that everyone sees constantly be wonderfully dressed.

Bridesmaid dress – all the same

The trend was to standardize the bridesmaids by giving them identical cheap bridesmaid dresses online, but recently we see this method slightly declining. Now dresses are individualized, and the bridesmaids, instead of sounding like from the same mold, are beginning to gain autonomy. Obviously, a unifying factor is welcome, as a common accessory or color are recurring themes in otherwise different dresses.

short bridesmaid dresses colored amaranth

Alternating color dresses

Today’s bride is becoming bolder in their choice of dresses her bridesmaids. Of course, if you insist, it is still common to dress them all the same, it is a tradition that will certainly take time to completely disappear. On the other side of the spectrum, you can totally dress differently, it can also be a success, as you’ll see below. You decide if you opt for the security of tradition or if you are more adventurous.

And you ? Which one you prefer ?

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La beauté Downton Abbey Lily James impressionne en robe rouge soirée dentelle